“We are very proud to announce the launch of East Cork Business Alliance website. Go check it out and let us know what you think. www.eastcorkbusiness.ie

East Cork Alliance is a local business group that have decided to help each other in an ever more challenging trading environment and is endeavouring to establish a business platform that will coexist on two operating levels.

Firstly this group supplies a quality trades and services base to the general public through promotions, special discounts and trough local media awareness.

Secondly they provide a business to business network, sourcing materials and essential services as well as supporting and recommending their colleagues for the greater good of each other.

Now to achieve this the group will need to work very hard for each other and that every individual in the E.C.B.A. will be a proud ambassador for each other’s enterprise through sharing referrals, recommendations and valuable advice and

E.C.B.A. has 22 members which offers a wide range of services such as window repairs to plumbers from kitchen designers to crash repairs to financial services to restaurateurs.

If anyone wishes to become a member they can contact Gordon Callinan
(The Pantry) on 021-4633335.

For trade esquires please contact Rory Mc Sweeney(086-1053876)”