Most website owners have heard about Google analytics or at least understand that they need it but there is still a percentage of website owners that really do not take the time to look at the data on a consistent basis. The data in Google analytics is extremely important to look at for many reasons and if you don’t you could be missing out on very valuable website tweaks that you could be making to increase the efficiency of your website. The best part about Google Analytics is that it is a free tool you can use all you have to do is apply the code that Google gives you when you set up an account on your website and after about 24-48 hours it starts to pull in a variety of useful data you can use to your advantage.

Unique Visitors

Have you ever wondered how many people come to your website on a daily basis? Google analytics will give you the exact amount of unique visitors on a daily basis. You can set your parameters to see trends over a period of time or simply day to day.

Average Time On Website

This is an important one because if your traffic is visiting your site and leaving fairly quickly you are going to want to see the data on this. Whether it is the homepage or just an internal page you will want to see how long people are hanging out. The difference between a few seconds and a few minutes could be a great deal of sales or leads.

Traffic Sources

If you ever wanted to attempt to put an ROI figure on your SEO efforts and you have never really explored analytics you will find this area very beneficial to the future growth of your business. You can see where all your traffic is coming from and for some you can actually go visit the referring link just to see where the link is sitting on that particular source.


Have you ever wondered which keywords are pulling in traffic for you? Many entrepreneurs online have older websites that rank very well naturally but the owners have no idea which keywords actually pull in traffic. Google analytics provides the information on your website so you can understand which keyword (s) bring in traffic and which do not bring in any traffic at all.

These are some of the more important everyday areas to look at when using Google analytics and these 4 really just scratch the surface of this extremely powerful business tool. There are many paid analytics tools out there for business owners to use but in my opinion Google analytics is probably the most powerful and useful and if you use any Google PPC you can track your conversion rate for all your hard earned dollars very easily.