Desktops are now a dying breed, most desktops are being replaced by laptops. Users of desktops generally use them as they need a lot of computing power for high end design and video editing. They are made up of the tower, monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse.



Laptops are now the most used type of computer due to the big increase in computing power and long battery life.Laptops are all in one desktops with monitor, speakers, webcam, keyboard and mouse all built into the case.






The new breed of computer. Tablets have been around for quite awhile but it wasn’t until Apple unveiled the iPad that they really took off. Tablets are even more compact than laptops and are generally no bigger than an A4 notepad.







Computers everywhere. The revolution in the smartphone industry has really made computing on the go a reality. There is no more need of special mobile websites as they offer the full Internet in he palm of your hand.