Foursquare have updated their app with a lot of new features, Check them out below

“If you’ve opened up foursquare in the last couple weeks you’ve probably noticed that we made a ton of changes. We re-imagined the entire app, Extreme Makeover style, to make it even easier for you and your friends to share and save your experiences and find new places to go. We also gave it plenty of design love and under-the-hood tweaks, so it’s not only prettier but faster than ever – hurrah!

Here are just some of the things we’ve improved:
• We’ve streamlined the app down to three simple tabs.
• The friends tab now has big, swipeable photo slideshows, and shows things like tips, lists, and more check-ins. We’ve also added the ability to quickly ‘like’ and comment on activity (yay!).
• The Explore tab now shows friends nearby and gives you personalized recommendations for nearby, before you even search.
• You can now add a bio to your profile tab, plus see stats, scroll through your foursquare activity, and more.
• Checking in is faster! Just tap the top right button, no matter what tab you’re on.

Still haven’t taken it for a spin? Download the app for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry!

In addition to updating our app, we’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the evolution of foursquare (and hopefully make it easier for you to understand). For example, since we added ‘likes’ to foursquare (those adorable tappable hearts that sit below every check-in and tip), we added a section that talks about that. We also put in a section for Explore (learn more about Explore from our previous blog posts and FAQs here, here, and here); it explains how we use check-in data to find you the best Mexican restaurant when you search for ‘tacos.’ Most significantly, it details when, where, and how many prior check-ins your friends can see (for instance, on the friends tab, Explore results, and your profile tab). We also removed some parts of the Privacy Policy; for instance, we no longer have ‘shouts’ in the app, so we removed that section.

We hope you enjoy #allnew4sq! Have fun exploring!

-team foursquare”