Web Hosting is a necessary part of any website. If your domain name is your address then Hosting is your house. This is where your website is actually stored and where your domain name will point to so the Internet can access your website. But it does more than just give your website a place to call home. Your Web hosting is also necessary to have email address associated with your domain name. There are a few options when it comes to Web Hosting.

Option 1 – You can run your own server from Home or Work. This can be quite expensicve as your server will need to be updated often to keep up with changing technology and also it must be running 24/7. If you have a power cut you will need a backup ready to kick in. This is rarely done as there are so many companies providing Web Hosting for a reasonable yearly fee.

Option 2 – Get your hosting provided by a Web Hosting company. This would be the most used option as for a small yearly fee all the hassle of Web Hosting is looked after by that company. They will be hosting many websites and will have all the necessary support in place including Server Updating, Uninterrupted Power source and virus scanning. The host will also include access to a control panel for managing your web space. Here you can setup email accounts for yourself, Edit your website with basic software and view general statistics about the usage of your website. It will also give you someone to shout at if something goes wrong.