Apple will take the stage this evening at 6 o’clock Irish time to announce something. That is all we can say officially. What do we expect, The iPhone 5 is the obvious answer but we could also see new iMac’s, iPod’s or even an iPad Mini. Maybe even an iPod nano that you were as a watch that can link to your iPhone. Wouldn’t that be nice.  That is the joy of Apple, You never know.

Here is a mockup produced by

The Rumours

4″ Screen – This is pretty much solid, as all other smartphones have gotten bigger screens these days. The question is, will it be just taller or will they make it wider like the other smartphones.

New Dock Connector – Could we be saying goodbye to our friend the 16 pin connector. This would be a big change as everyone would have to get new accessories again or get a converter if one comes out.

Nano-Sim – And we thought the micro sim was small. Apple have been pushing to get rid of the simcard for a long time. They would much prefer to have a built in sim to save on space. Looks like they will have to stick with the sim card for another while yet.

Headphone Jack – Don’t know why they would move this to the bottom of the phone but that is what is being suggested.

iOS 6 – As announced at the WWDC during the summer. This should be available to all this week and come preloaded on any new phone from Wednesday. Click here for more on iOS 6