What is a LinkedIn Company Page?It’s a centralized location where millions of LinkedIn members can go to stay in the loop on company news, products and services, business opportunities and job openings.

For a business, it’s the opportunity to:

  • Tell your company’s story
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Engage with followers
  • Share career opportunities
  • Drive word of mouth at scale

For millions of professionals, a Company Page is a place to:

  • Explore companies of interest
  • Get the latest company updates and industry news
  • Research products & services
  • Learn about job opportunities

What makes up a Company Page?

Overview The Overview Tab provides a friendly introduction to your business. It’s a great place to start spreading your message and opening up the conversation.

What will members see?

  • A high-level overview of the business.
  • Company posts on topics ranging from company announcements to product releases to industry news.
  • Friends & colleagues who are connected to the business.

Products and Services Here’s your chance to catch the eye of prospective customers by highlighting your products or services.

What will members see?

  • A showcase of products & services.
  • Recommendations from trusted LinkedIn members.
  • Connections to the members making the recommendations.

Careers (Requires a paid subscription.) LinkedIn Company Pages give you a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers on LinkedIn.

  • Post any job on LinkedIn and it will automatically appear in this section.
  • Tell your story, describe your culture, outline career paths, showcase awards and philanthropy.
  • A Silver or Gold Careers Page allows you to feature additional content about your employment brand, showcase your best employees, and tailor your messaging and job postings to target audiences.

Employee information Here you’ll see aggregated information about company employees, including job functions, educational background, and experience.

Analytics This tab is only visible to administrators of your Company Page. Analytics help you understand who your followers are, who is viewing your page, and what content appeals to them.


Find and Follow

Follow a company for the latest news and information

How Do I Find and Follow My Favorite Companies?

There are three easy ways to find and follow a company

  • From the LinkedIn header: Go to the Companies tab and click “Search Companies,” or use the search box in the navigation bar.
  • From any member’s LinkedIn profile: From any member’s LinkedIn profile: Mouse-over any company on a LinkedIn profile and click through to the company page, or click the “Follow Company”.
  • From the Company Page: If you’ve searched and found the business, simply click “Follow Company” to receive status updates.

Following companies helps you track developments at companies of interest to you, including job opportunities and other business developments.

Set Up A Company Page

Get Your Own Company Page in a Few Easy Steps
Setting up a Company Page requires just a few steps and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply:

  • Go to the Add Company page
  • Enter your company name and company email address
  • Confirm your request through an automatic email that we will send to you
  • Start filling in your company’s information

That’s it! There are lots of great ways to personalize your page so be sure to take advantage of the product features and make the page your own.

Set Up a Products & Services Tab

Showcase your products and services

The Products & Services tab on your Company Page serves as a powerful way to showcase what your business has to offer.

Setting up a Products & Services tab takes just a few steps and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply:

  • Click on “Add a product or service” from the Products & Services tab. If you already started the process, click on “Edit” from your admin tools button.
  • Fill out all required information- including category, name, description. We recommend you upload photos, videos and your company URL to maximize SEO and bring your products & services to life.
  • When all your info is filled in, click publish. If you have more than one product or service, you’ll need to repeat the steps above.

That’s it! Just like that, your products and services are now accessible to millions of LinkedIn members who can view, recommend, or share your products with their network.


Company Status Updates

Easily engage with your followers and page visitors

Company Status Updates are posts made by the company to share anything from company news to product releases to promotions to relevant industry articles. Posts can be seen on the company’s Overview tab by any LinkedIn member or on each follower’s homepage Updates feed.

Encourage followers and page visitors to like, share, and comment on your posts- this helps spread the word to each follower’s entire network.

Follow Button

Grow your followers right from your own website

Any company can add a Follow button to their website, making it easier for any consumer on the web to follow companies of interest on LinkedIn. When a user clicks the Follow Company button, as long as they are logged onto LinkedIn, they will automatically “follow” that company. If users are not logged on, a box will appear asking for their LinkedIn credentials. When those are typed in, they will automatically begin to follow the company. Companies will engage with users from their Company Page on LinkedIn and through status updates. Status updates will appear on a user’s LinkedIn homepage.