Linking Twitter & Facebook

Linking your Twitter account to your Facebook business page is an excellent way to increase your reach while saving on time posting information twice. 1. To get started login to Facebook. 2. Go to this address 3. Select Your Business Page and click Link To Twitter […]

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Swifter navigation for TweetDeck

Today you can more easily discover and react to the information you care about with new navigation features in TweetDeck. You have given us some really useful feedback after using these features on, and now you can use this swifter TweetDeck on other platforms too by visiting […]

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The Top 10 Websites in Ireland

What websites are most popular in Ireland. According to which is the leading provider of free global web metrics, We are a social bunch. Facebook is in the top three which is no surprise, Followed by YouTube which is a great source of entertainment and education. I was surprised to see LinkedIn in the top 10 as it is [...]

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